When you participate in the voting process your votes and provided contact info is saved. Your contact info is never shared or used for bulk messaging without consent. See below for details.

This website, YouTube, and the voting form are all hosted by Google. Check out their own privacy policy. You may also wish to read Discord's privacy policy if you plan to participate in our server.

The following information only applies to what is collected by the Google Form for voting purposes. It does not apply to Google's own privacy policy or any other third-party.

This page may change and be updated over time.

Your Google email is private.

Google recently updated the appearance of forms to show your account email near the top of the form. This email is not submitted and not included with your vote. Only the contact information you enter into the bottom field is included with your vote and it is entirely optional. Details below.

What's collected?

How is voter information stored and used?

Vote information is generally saved to the current host's private Google Drive. Vote tallies and similar data may be copied and shared publicly, but the raw form data isn't accessible to anyone else.


Votes are saved long-term for future rankings and reference.  This includes any information you enter into vote fields, statistical information such as the total number of voters, and metadata such as the time/date of voting. This information is regularly shared and should be considered public. Do not enter any private information into vote fields.

Contact info

Providing contact info is completely optional and you're free to leave this field blank.

Voter-provided contact info is saved alongside each vote, but is not shared during vote tallies. This optional information makes it possible to keep track of regular voters and help detect suspicious votes. Including contact information makes it much less likely for your vote to be marked as suspicious. Also, keeping track of regular voters enables the possibility to consider them as future hosts or as knowledgeable individuals to privately contact about pony video matters. It also enables the possibility to locate, troubleshoot, and/or correct votes with the voter's cooperation.

General volunteers and guest presenters will not have access to the collected contact information. Only the current [or potential future] host will have access. As mentioned, voters may be privately contacted in special circumstances, but emails will never be shared or used for bulk messaging without consent [except where required by law or other exceedingly exceptional circumstances.]

Email notifications

In the future, it is possible the form will collect email addresses for the purpose of confirmation votes and letting voters know if there's a problem automatically. This system has not been incorporated yet, but this page will be updated if it is.

Special cases such as surveys

Sometimes the form may ask for other information such as that of a survey. 

Results of the survey will be saved alongside votes similar to the way contact info is, but unlike contact info, the survey results may be shared with the general public. Do not enter any private information on surveys.

Where can I learn more?

If you have any questions feel free to stop by our Discord server or contact the current host, LittleshyFiM, directly.