What is The Top 10 Pony Videos?

The Top 10 Pony Videos is a long-running project to document and showcase the most popular My Little Pony videos in the brony community. Videos featured on the list are voted upon during a week-long voting process at the beginning of each month. 

This series was originally created in June of 2011 by TheMovieBrony and has been active every single month since then! That's over ten years of activity and well over a thousand top-voted pony videos showcased.

Numerous people have helped out over the years by hosting the series or otherwise contributing their time to keep this brony tradition going. If you'd like to join us, we invite you to be a part of the voting process and help keep tab of new pony videos every month. If you make pony videos of your own we'd love to hear from you in the Discord server!

In the early days the series was a simple place to easily find top-voted pony videos. As the series has grown and evolved alongside an ever-evolving fandom community we have found new purpose in the preservation of pony videos and and the similarly important task of highlighting videos which may not otherwise get the same attention as they might have back in the fandom's most active years. Bronydom has come a long way and this series has been there virtually the entire time to celebrate the animations, PMVs, editorials, and various other pony videos!

More recently we've expanded into developing a little sub-community of our own. There's the CyTube for a 24/7 shuffle of every video to ever make the list, a Twitter feed for regular video anniversary posts and announcements of pony video news, and of course our Discord server which strives to be a home for both fans and creators of pony videos alike!

Thanks for your interest! Remember: every vote counts, and enjoy the pony videos!


What is a brony?

Bronies are grown-up fans of My Little Pony, namely the fourth generation called Friendship is Magic. The Top 10 Pony Videos is just the very tip of the iceberg of the brony community so be sure to check out the link below for more information!

How do I vote?

Voting takes place the first week of every month. We use a Google Form; you can find a link to that here! Participants vote for at least five eligible videos but avid pony video fans can vote for up to ten. There are a few specific rules for what's considered eligible but generally any large and popular pony video should make the cut. After voting ends, votes are tallied and the 10 top-voted pony videos are showcased!


 ‣ The Top Pony Videos 24/7 CyTube

A place to hang out! The playlist aims to include EVERY top-placing video on a 24/7 shuffle. Consider bookmarking the link and stopping by sometime.


‣ Discord Server

Come join our Discord server if you’d like to chat about pony videos! We welcome any pony video fan, both viewers and creators. We have channels for various topics ranging from video production to preservation of historic videos. This is also a great place to join a call while viewing the CyTube!

Discord Server

‣ Playlist of ALL Top 10 showcases

Here’s a YouTube playlist of ALL the top 10 showcases since the very beginning!



Like data? Here's a list of every placing video along with additional information. For context, this is primarily an effort to maintain the CyTube playlist but it has also been very useful for other archival purposes.



→ I make videos, can I be on the list?

  Feel free to encourage your viewers to vote for you, just make sure they follow the rules and include other eligible votes! Be careful not to direct your viewers to vote for multiple specific videos. This is a form of brigading and all votes of this nature will be discarded. You may also vote for your own video but you must abide by the same rules.

→ What if I can't find 5 videos to vote for?

  If you're having trouble coming up with at least five solid votes consider looking at others' suggestions in the Discord server. It can also be very useful to check your own Liked Videos playlist and Equestria Daily's media tab. Every vote counts, but it's better to sit one month out than it is to vote for low-quality or ineligible videos. Consider keeping tabs on your favorite pony videos throughout the month to prepare for voting!

Who is LittleshyFiM?

  Hi, that's me! I'm the current host of The Top 10 Pony Videos. I also make pony videos of my own and run a few other brony projects. Check out my YouTube channel here. You can find my contact info on my channel About page or at this link.



Data compiling & CyTube playlist maintenance

Tech team

Spreadsheet formula assistance

Special thanks to the Discord moderators, the awesome people making pony videos in the first place, and everyone who takes the time to vote each month!